Big news is the release of an epic yet sublime new record from Bill Woods 1/3 Octave Band called 'Ultramarine'. Birdcatcher 'Prey' cassette and L$D Fundraiser 8" are now available in very limited editions.
The new Paintings of Windows LP/DVD and Dialing In release, an 8" lathe cut and dvd of her videos are selling out fast.
We now have T-Shirts!!! See below.
The Futurians 7"/DVD/Book and The Magnetic Lips 7 inch are in short supply and the CJA bumper pack of goodies 'Stand Heavy' has sold out but there is a download option available.

A.M 'Dragonfly' LP (Trensmat) should be available in very small numbers for NZ customers by the time you read this..
I've added a live Omit set to the PseudoArcana bandcamp page and the late 1990's Antony Milton albums 'Fleeting' and 'queenslandbrisbane' to the Antony Milton bandcamp page..
The Purple Pilgrims EP has sold out but is now available as a download- talks are underway in regards to releasing a vinyl LP sometime soon.

Use the links below to access current releases etc.
People may also be interested to know that I have recently designed an official website for Peter King and his lathecut records, this contains a history of Peters operations as well as some videos etc.. If you are interested in checking this out you can find that HERE.
Thanks. -Antony Milton