An epic archive release from Campbell Kneale, Antony Milton and Kiyoharu Kuwayama (Lethe) (recorded in Japan in 2006) and the debut hardcopy solo release from Korean born, NZ based artist Samin Son are available now. Samin's record 'Orira' is an 8 inch record featuring ecstatic singing as he channels Korean shamans of old.

In other news the new Keijo LP 'What IS Going In The Country' is selling fast. Raw honest working mans blues fractured through the kaleidoscopic lens of distortion and delay sung in that idiosyncratic voice..
The debut FANZ cd is also out now. FANZ is the new hallucinatory freak noise outfit of Samin Son, Noel Meek and Fergus Nelson Moores (all on vocals and noise pedals) with Antony Milton on synth and drums.
In other news the repress of the epic yet sublime new record from Bill Woods 1/3 Octave Band called 'Ultramarine' is here and ready to ship. Birdcatcher 'Prey' cassette has sold out but a CDR version is available (as is a fancy double cdr version of 'Trees'). The 3rd and final repress of the Paintings of Windows LP/DVD is available. We have copies available of A.M's 'Dragonfly' LP (Trensmat) and Claypipes 'A Daylight Blessing' LP (MIE).
The Dialing In release, an 8" lathe cut and dvd of her videos are selling out fast.
We now have T-Shirts!!! See below.

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People may also be interested to know that I have recently put together an official website for Peter King and his lathecut records, this contains a history of Peters operations as well as some videos etc.. If you are interested in checking this out you can find that HERE.
Thanks. -Antony Milton

My partner Sara's decoupage work.