Wire Bridge...

This is my old label (started 1995) and maintained today as an outlet for lo-fi song stuff and acoustic music. A full list of WB releases can be found in the discography.

I have finally started getting some of the old cassette backlog onto cdr and these will be available in small numbers henceforth. I have decided to release these sans-editing and so they are re-released as they were initially intended. Some of the trks make me cringe a little now-a-days, but I feel the bulk of the material is worth the effort of revisiting. (Be aware however that 'best of' CDs from this material are also in the works)

•Antony Milton. - 'queenslandbrisbane'. (reissue)
queenslandbrisbane 1st appeared (packaged rather extravagently...) as a book/cassette in 1997. The 1st 3 trks were recorded the day before leaving NZ for Australia and are (i feel...) amongst the best of the songs I recorded during this period. The rest of the album, a collection of songs, field recordings, concreté pieces and abstract electric guitar collages was recorded over the next few months in Brisbane and on Nth Stradbroke Island.
I wound up in a fairly negative working environment when in Brisbane, and this is reflected in the intensity and aural violence of some of the pieces here. The overall feel of the album is more kinda 'psyche-folk' though and overall I'm really pretty proud of this one.

• Antony Milton. – ‘Fleeting’. (reissue)
The 1st off the block in the Wire Bridge reissue series is Fleeting, originally released in a scant edition of about 10 in 1998 (on the eve of my departure from Australia for India). Fleeting collects together a series of songs, graphic score works, and improvy noise pieces recorded to 4 trk on Stradbroke Island during 1997-1998.
I had forgotten the extent to which I was ensconced in a kind of feral mysticism during this period… Wild flutes are played amongst the waves and there are songs dedicated to weird subjective Gods (and their impossibility…).
CDR. NZ$15.

· Swagger Jack-'My Good Guts'.
Veering between abstract 'folk-noise', hillbilly thrash and some of the most finely crafted and poignant pop songs of his career, 'My Good Guts' is the high-point in the Swagger Jack oeuvre so far. This is perhaps a little peculiar in that most of the songs seem to be based around death and the killing of small animals for food. Includes a sweet bluegrass version of the Dead C's 'Bad Politics', and the epic single 'No Camping'.
CDR NZ$15.

· Swagger Jack- Free Today, & Tomorrow. Recorded as a 'day-tape' 'Free Today, & Tomorrow' unearths the character of Swagger Jack as he wends his lonely way around the backroads and 'rest-areas' (picnic spots where one can usually camp a few days for free) of New Zealand. He's old enough, and wise enough, to know better (it is 2001 after all) but he just doesn't seem to be able to give up his great romantic dream of freedom, or lose his passion for recording his rattley folksongs onto an old car battery powered 4-track. Sometimes ecstatic, sometimes meditative, but always, well, 'textured' and original. This guy needs your support lest he wind up busking on the streets of a smelly city, his true genius unappreciated by those less romantic than himself. 7 songs. Each one unique.
CDR NZ$10.

Swagger Jack- 'Gorse'
New full-length CDR from that old hillbilly Swagger Jack. All acoustic rattle-'n-roll; happy, sad, poignant; and downright nasty if you rub him up the right way. 10 new songs to drive you through the countryside.
CDR. NZ $12.

· Swagger Jack-'Flaying Begets Shelter'
Anomalies and weird songs, ragas and vocal extemporising recorded to 4-trk in various huts and caves during the y of our L 2002.
CDR: NZ$12.

Swagger Jack live...
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