Pseudoarcana Releases:

(PA159) Antony Milton -'Off-White' lathe LP
(PA158) Expansion Bay- 'Core 10' (lathe cut 7" + CDR)
(PA157) FANZ -'Heruka' 10" lathe cut
(PA156) Noel Meek- 'Onho' (lathe cut 8")
(PA155) Antony Milton - Streaming Black (CDR)
(PA154) POW Whangaimoana (CDR and DVD)
(PA153) Foxmaidens s/t (Lathe Cut 12")
(PA152) Samin Son -'Orira' (8" Lathe)
(PA150) Keijo- 'What is Going in the Country?' lathe LP
(PA149) FANZ- 'Zen Bones' CDR
(PA148) Birdcatcher- 'Prey'. Cassette/cdr
(PA147) 1/3 Octave Band -Ultramarine 12" lathe cut/cdr
(PA146) Maltese Falcons. (forthcoming)
(PA145) L$D Fundraiser.8" lathecut
(PA144) The Stumps.- 'Live Recording Archive'. Triple cassette. (forthcoming)
(PA143) Omit Live at Medusa 13 October 2012. Download only.
(PA142) AM4HL. Limited performance edition handpainted CDRs. Download.
(PA141) Paintings of Windows -'Pororari River Mouth' LP/DVD (forthcoming)
(PA140) Dialing In- 'The Salt That Awakens Her'. Lathe cut 8" + DVD + Download
(PA139) Magnetic Lips lathe cut 7" + Download
(PA138) The Futurians- 'Power/Reactor' Lathe Cut 7", book, DVD
(PA137) CJA- 'Stand Heavy'.(Lathecut 10", 7", 2 x cdr, comic)+ Download
(PA136) The Stumps- 'Brave New World'. DVD + Download
(PA135) Hammemit- The Ghastliere Morrowe (lathecut 8")
(PA134) Birdcatcher- 'Trees'. Double C60 Cassette and download.
(PA133) Keijo.-'Paint All Blue'. 10" Lathecut, CDR and download.50 copies.
(PA132) A Bad Suburb.- 'A Walk Into Town'. Lathecut LP and download. 30 copies.
(PA131) Pipe and Drum Music of Bolivia. lathecut LP/cdr and download
(PA130) Superbugger- 'Kitty Fear'. Lathe Cut 5" record and CDR. Edition of 35.
(PA129) GMC/Antony Milton split 7" lathecut and bandcamp download.
(PA128) Purple Pilgrims.-self titled. Lathecut 8" with zine and bandcamp download.
(PA127) WiSht -'Play'. Cassette and bandcamp download.
(PA126) Wolfskull.- 'Children of Wolfskull'. Double C60 Cassette and bandcamp download.
(PA125) Clay Man in the Well- 'Brand New Palisade'. C46 Cassette/CDR/Bandcamp download.
(PA124) The Lost Domain.- 'Northgate'. C46 Cassette and Bandcamp Download.
(PA123) Antony Milton- 'Letting Light into Winter'. CDR and Download.
(PA122) Antony Milton- 'Wreckers and Haters'. -Download and CDR.
(PA121) Antony Milton- 'Tapes Punakaiki'. Download and cassette.
(PA120) Street. -'This is a Drug Town' Lathe cut LP and CDR.
(PA119) Antony Milton.- 'Prelude to Street Musik'. Cassette.
(PA118) The Real Life Tragedies- 'Southern Loop' Tape Two of 2. 'Winter Lamp'.
(PA117) The Real Life Tragedies- 'Southern Loop' Tape One of 2. 'Passages'.
(PA116) Clay Man in the Well- 'Boronia Basement Tapes' CDR and limited edition of 14 handpainted 7" lathecuts.
(PA115) Superbugger. -'Small Disk'. 3"CDR
(PA114) Perales/Milton. -'Cuartos Azure'. CDR
(PA113) Birdcatcher.- -'The Sky Tied Down'. 2CDR and book.
(PA112) The Stumps. -'Live at Happy Bar Septemer 1 2007'. CDR
(PA111) Antony Milton. -'Summit is Fragile' lathe cut LP
(PA110) My Cat Is An Alien. -Triangle lathecut 8"
(PA109) Glory Fckn Sun. -'Vision Scorched'.CD Reissue in simple packaging.
(PA108) Bad Statistics. -'Lucky Town Gone'. CD
(PA107) A.M -'Rag Red Reverie'. CD
(PA106) Keijo. -'Carry On With Us'. CDR/book
(PA105) Temples.- 'Murk'. (cdr).
(PA104) Agitated Radio Pilot/Nether Dawn split. (CDR reissue of lathe cut LP).
(PA103) Little Skull. -'Collected 7"s'. (CDR/Book). Limited 50 editon Sold Out.
(PA102) Sunken. -'Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve'. (CD)
(PA101) The Free Players. -'Snakes From Space'. (cdr)
(PA100) AAN (cdr/book)
(PA099) Glory Fckn Sun. -'Vision Scorched'. (CD and book)
(PA098) Formatt. -'Minor Curations'. (3"cdr).
(PA097) seht. -'Dead Bees' (forthcoming CD)
(PA093/094/095/096) The Lipton Files. (3 cdr, 1dvdr packaged in ringbinder with supporting texts)
(PA091) CJA.- 'Pink Metal'. (double cdr & book)
(PA090) Sam Hamilton and Chris O'Connor- 'Tidal Dee's and Harboured Dum's'. (cdr).
(PA089) Agitated Radio Pilot/Nether Dawn split. (lathe cut LP)
(PA088) A.M.- 'Tour Disk 2006'. (cdr)
(PA087) With Throats As Fine As Needles/ New Fairfield Parks and Recreation.- 'Live in Hong Kong' (3"cdr)
(PA086) The Green Blossoms. -'Stones and Ecstasy'. (cdr)
(PA085) Bill Direen. -'17 Pianos'. (3"cdr).
(PA084) Swung.- 'Voice and Keys' (3"cdr).
(PA083) Dialing In. -'Cows in Lye'. (CD).
(PA082) The Wire Thicket. -'s/t'. (cdr).
(PA081) 6majik9. -'Weapons and Maps of Western Despondency'. (cdr).
(PA080) Stuart Busby. -'North/South'. (Double 3" cdr).
(PA079) The Lost Domain. -'Palace'. (CD).
(PA078) MHFS. -'Driving to Rawene'. (3"cdr)
(PA077) Seht.- 'Federacy Boots'. (cdr).
(PA076) Pefkin. -'Pingle Pangle'. (cdr).
(PA075) Birchville Cat Motel. -'Our Love Will Destroy the World'. (CD).
(PA073/074) A.M.-'Yet Marvellous Stasis/Strata'. (2cdr).
(PA072) Pumice. -'Spears'. (cdr).
(PA071) Zelienople. -'Ghost Ship'. (cdr).
(PA070) Tim Coster. -'Mornings'. (3"cdr).
(PA069) Stern/Guerra. -'Outdoor Bowers'. (cdr).
(PA068) Nova Scotia. -'Ramses II'. (cdr).
(PA067) Keijo and the Free Players. -'untitled'. (cdr).
(PA066) Peter Wright. -'Yellow Horizon'. (cd).
(PA064/065) Various Artists. -'The Tone of the Universe (= the Tone of the Earth). (2CD compilation).
(PA063) Ben Reynolds. -'Earth and Space Magics'. (cdr).
(PA062) The Skaters. -'Gambling in Ohpas Shadow'. (cdr)
(PA061) The Once and Future Herds. - 'Lion Colored Hills'. (3"cdr)
(PA060) Dreams of Tall Buildings. - 'Nothing Hurt and Everything Was Beautiful'. (cdr).
(PA059) Ben Spiers. - 'Cinders'. (cdr)
(PA058) Edward Ruchalski. - '4 Pieces'. (3"cdr)
(PA057) The North Sea. - 'Autumn Birch'. (3"cdr).
(PA056) Claypipe. - 'Crescent'. (split label release with Root Don Lonie for Cash lathe cut lp/ cdr).
(PA055) The Moglass. - 'Pallcast'. (cdr).
(PA054) The Wooden Cupboard.- 'Boiling the Animal in the Sky'. (3"cdr).
(PA053) Sunken. - untitled. (cdr).
(PA052) Goh Lee Kwang. -'Concrete'/'Eastern'. (double 3"cdr).
(PA051) Dick the Phone. -"". (3"cdr).
(PA050) Keijo. -'Unfolding Emptiness'/ 'Decomposing Dawn and Dew'. (double cdr)
(PA049) Ashtray Navigations.- 'Yesterdays Teeth Cast in Gold' . (cdr).
(PA048) Edward Ruchalski.- 'Having it Out'. (3"cdr).
(PA047) 1/3 Octave Band. -'The System Likes You and Wants to be Your Friend'. (cdr).
(PA046) Davenport. -'Springtime on Saturnalia". (3"cdr).
(PA045) Dead Raven Choir. -'Goating Shapelessness Theatrical Wolves'. (3"cdr).
(PA044) Kieran Monaghan. -'History Wringing'. (cdr in booklet).
(PA043) Team Discovery Channel. -'Nocturnes'. (3"cdr).
(PA042) Russell Street. -'These Cigarettes Will Kill Me'. (cdr).
(PA041) Seen Through. -'2'. (cdr)
(PA040) Street. -'Tripartite'. (3"cdr).
(PA039) Cookie Brooklyn.- 'Gets 'Cute''. (3"cdr).
(PA038) Dial. - 'Live at the Meteor Theatre'. (cdr).
(PA037) A.M. -'The Man of Tin Plays 'Penis Envy' in Order to Draw Attention to the Issue of Free Speech'. (cdr)(Original release on Freedom From?? (who bloody knows!).
(PA036) The Stumps.- 'If I Gave You Some Concrete Slippers Would You Wear Them When You Jump Off The Pier?' (3"cdr).
(PA035) DEL.- 'Der Lehnstuhl Sagt Alles?.(cdr reissue of the Ohm Records LP).
(PA034) Empirical. -'untitled'. (3"cdr).
(PA033) CJA. -'Silent Blood'. (cdr).
(PA032) Uton.- 'Pseudohumanoid'. (cdr).
(PA031) Keri John Ford and Antony Milton (etc).- 'The Marriage of Hell Colouring-in-Book & CD'. (cdr & book and paintset).
(PA030) Paintings of Windows.- 'Northwest Frontier Province'. (3"cdr).
(PA029) The Nether Dawn. - 'Whisky Mute Down'. (cdr).
(PA028) The Futurians. - '2000 AD' (3"cdr).
(PA027) Franciscan Hobbies- 'At Worlds End'. (cdr).
(PA026) seht. -'Communion'. (3"cdr).
(PA025) Birchville Cat Motel. -'screamformelongbeach'. (3"cdr)
(PA024) Mrtyu.- 'Downside of the Cycle'. (3"cdr).
(PA023) Fly of the Lords.- 'Ground Water Conspiracy'. (3"cdr).
(PA022) Paintings of Windows -'Canvas'. (3"cdr)
(PA021) Witcyst -'Trouble Shooting in a Year'. (cdr)
(PA020) Various Artists. -'A Lowtides Rising (Explorations around the theme of NZ acoustic music). (cdr)
(PA019) CJA. -'Armada'. (3"cdr)
(PA018) Pumice- 'Sexual'(live). (cdr)
(PA017) Peter Wright- 'The Broken Kawai'. (cdr)
(PA016) Seen Through- 'Extant'. (cdr)
(PA015) A.M.- "Stitched". (3 "cdr) (limited edition -sold out).
(PA014) G-Frenzy- "Eel Creek".(cdr)
(PA013) seht:::- 'Goodbye America & Have a Nice Day'. (cdr)
(PA012) Laundrette- 'Total Crap' (3"cdr)
(PA011) A.M. - 'more domestic'. (cdr)
(PA010) Armpit- 'The Praying Mantis'. (double cdr)
(PA009) Simon Wickham-Smith- 'dyrø'.(cdr)
(PA008) Various Artists-'Street=x2 (cdr)
(PA007) Antony Milton-Sirens 'Cassette' (+). (Re-release of 2 Wire Bridge tapes).
(PA006) A.M.- 'McLeod-Ganj'. (Originally a 31min 3"cdr but reformatted to full size disk)
(PA005) A.M.- 'The Missing Finger'. (cassette).
(PA004) Street '=x'. (cdr)
(PA003) Antony Milton- February 2001. (cdr).
(PA002) Antony Milton-Siren Performance CDR.
(PA001) 'Stolen Voices' (cassette).

The Seedy R!

(R!016) Mattin, Marhaug, Capece, Fetvelt & Grenager. -'cdr'.
(R!015) Sun Stabbed -'Radio'.
(R!014) Peter Wright. -'unvarnished, untreated, unzipped'.
(R!013) XNOBBQX. -'Blues'.
(R!012) Organorganorganorgan- 'self titled'.
(R!011) Two Limited.- 'La Mano de Dios'
(R!010) 'Toitu Seance'. (cdr)
(R!009) Van the Van.- 'Road to Kyogle'. (cdr).
(R!008) Vluba- 'untitled'. (cdr).
(R!007) Rise of the City Cat Cult- 'Rise Up City Cats'. (cdr).
(R!006) Guerra/Nidek- 'nb'. (cdr).
(R!005) Anla Courtis- 'Live in L.A'. (cdr).
(R!004) Keijo & Friends. 'untitled'. (cdr).
(R!003) Armpit- 'Frenzy'. (cdr).
(R!002) The Futurians- 'Robot in Disguise'. (cdr).
(R!001) Clay Man in the Well. -'Steps Towards Dusk'. (cdr).

Wire Bridge Releases:

(WrB014) Swagger Jack.- 'My Good Guts'. (cdr).
(WrB013) Swagger Jack.- 'Flaying Begets Shelter'. (cdr).
(WrB012) Swagger Jack.- 'Gorse'. (cdr).
(WrB011) Pumice, Swagger Jack, Mr Sterile Ensemble, and Demarnia Lloyd.-'Live at The Space'. (cassette).
(WrB010) Swagger Jack.- 'Free Today, and Tomorrow'. (cdr).
(WrB009) Antony Milton.- 'Fleeting'. (cassette, and 2004 cdr reissue)).
(WrB008) Antony Milton.- 'And Where the Coloured Planes are Rafts'. (cassette and book)(Reissued with WrB006 on Last Visible Dog).
(WrB007) Antony Milton.- 'queenslandbrisbane'. (cassette and book, and 2004 cdr reissue).
(WrB006) Antony Milton.- 'Sirens'. (cassette).(Reissued with WrB008 on Last Visible Dog).
(WrB005) Antony Milton.- 'Place'. (cassette).
(WrB004) Antony Milton.- 'tinfoil'. (cassette).
(WrB003) Antony Milton.- 'Ash Feathers, and Radios Bark'. (cassette).
(WrB002) Antony Milton.- 'Sketches'. (cassette). (I have lost the master for this and would love to get a copy if anyone has one!)
(WrB001) Antony Milton.- 'Wire Bridge'. (cassette). (also lost...).

A.M releases on other labels:

In early 2004 it was thus (now I am at a complete loss):::
A.M. - 'Tasman'. (Foxglove cdr. (2004)).
A.M/Uton - 'NthNth/SthSth'. (C-Psi-P cdr. (2004))
A.M. -'Small Engine Funk Tantra'. (Transient Recs cdr. (2004)
Street- 'School of Religious Studies'. (Pink Skulls cdr. (2004)).
A.M.- 'Strata'. (humbug cdr. (2003)).
A.M.- 'Yet Marvellous Stasis'. (Haamumaa cdr. (2003)).
Claypipe- 'Wayside'. (Jewelled Antler 3"cdr. (2003)).
A.M and Claypipe trks appear on the Cottage Industrial #1 Compilation. (Humbug cdr. (2003)).
A.M./Snakes Beings.- 'Fracture Floor'. (Maggotism International cdr. (2003)).
A.M. - 'Episteme'. (Apoplexy cdr (2002)).
A.M.- 'Big Rooms, Small Rooms'. (Root Don Lonie for Cash double-cdr. (2002)).
Antony Milton.- 'When Doves Cry'. (track on 'shutupalreadydamn' (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon Prince tribute cdr)).
Antony Milton.- 'Near/Far'. (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon cdr. (2001)).

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