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Anla Courtis- 'Magnesium Tales'.
Formal yet playful 'Magnesium Tales' is the latest from Reynols stalwart Anla Courtis.
Side A features 2 long tracks exploring of the sound sources as titled. 'Tale 1 M Strings' is a drone piece constructed from violin and other bowed instruments and 'Tale 2 M Metals' is a largely percussive piece for found metal.
'Tale 3 El Hircino', which takes up all of Side B is a roaring thrill inducing drone exploration of the electric guitar and amplification.
As with all of Anlas projects a sense of dadaesque joy exudes from the tracks giving the serious exploratory nature of the release a dayglo exuberance.
Limited edition of 30 copies lathe cut LP with download card.
Download version and audio samples HERE

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Birdcatcher -'A Cloak For Fading Eyes'.
Join Birdcatcher for a trip through the sky tundra.
'A Cloak For Fading Eyes' is a journey through shadow and light , at times it has a scrubby pastoral calm but at others is as dark and turbulent as a hurricane. .
Originally recorded in 2010 over a few weekends and slated for vinyl release in 2011 by another label the band finally lost patience and released a micro-edition here.

Birdcatcher is the NZ based doom-folk-drone duo of Bill Wood and Antony Milton. All tracks entirely improvised using lap steel guitar and banjo and a suitcase full of effects pedals amped up to 11 on Bills vintage amp collection.
Limited edition of 40 copies lathe cut LP with download card.
Download version and audio samples HERE

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The Nether Dawn- 'Small Black Boxes'.
Another visit to the resonant concrete bunkers up the top of Pol Hill in Wellington. Wholly acoustic this time. Ebow drones reverberate in tight space producing a timbre of some vast cathedral organ rather than a single string. Simple gestural lines of voice and guitar transcend small candle space in search of the eternal.
The Nether Dawn is Antony Milton's 'midnight drone blues' project.
Limited edition of 30 copies lathe cut 8" with download card.
SOLD OUT Download version and audio samples HERE


1/3 Octave Band- 'Headlands'
With a return to the duo line up of Bill Wood and Jules Desmond (last heard on the LP 'Ultramarine') the ever sublime 1/3 Octave band present a work of glacial Southern beauty. As with 'Ultramarine' Headlands would perhaps fit as easily within the genre 'modern classical' as it does in underground noise or drone but if anything Headlands is more singular and even more immersive.
The whole record takes place in a space thats wholly other, vaster than the merely terrestrial, an un-void where time is weird. Heavily reverbed guitars hover and glide in a spectral dance high in an atmosphere more rarified than the mystical medium aether. Most of the tracks are in fact relatively short, but could last somehow forever.

Promo Video for the track 'Under The Open Sky':

Limited edition of 40 copies lathe cut LP with download card. SOLD OUT
Download version and audio samples HERE


Our Love Will Destroy The World- 'Harm'
Campbell Kneales Our Love Will Destroy The World project takes a plunge through the looking glass on 'Harm'. Its like diving into an ocean made of tiny coloured bubbles.
Largely recorded using the vintage Korg synth featured in the cover art it is reminiscent at times of the best of Tangerine Dream- the cool stuff- but with mind expanding slippages and a comforting oceanic wooziness.
Magical chants encompass one on the track 'Harm Enemy' and the whole record is almost certainly a genuine spell cast by its creator but fear not; daylight radiates from the manifestation of this night work.

Promo Video for the track 'Dolls Demise':

Limited edition of 40 copies 10" lathe cut record with download card. SOLD OUT.
Download version and audio samples HERE


SUNKEN- 'Slab/Floor'
Slab/Floors is a compliation of live performances and weird outtakes that the band found rotting in an old chest at the bottom of the Cook Strait; the notorious churning channel that seperates the South from the North Islands of New Zealand. Some were recorded in an old concrete bomb shelter, another was recorded using a contact miked sofa as a microphone.
Incongruously named for the noxious work of laying synthetic flooring materials it does , at its droney muddiness, traverse regions that could be reminiscent of the wooziness induced by leaving the lid off a tin of glue for just a little too long.
Organs hum, violins squeek and voices break along the way. Don't forget to take your sealegs and please don't drink the glue.

Heres a video we made for the live opening track:

Edition of 20 lathe cut LPs with free download code. SOLD OUT.

Download version HERE


Finally released after nearly 4 years of procrastination and dithering on the part of the artist Off-White is perhaps the poppiest thing Antony Milton has ever released.
Heavy on the synths and fake but awesome electronic drums it also exhibits no shyness in regards to keening but broken vocals. Needless to say there are also extended sections of synapse distorting guitar and ecstatic drones aplenty.
With one foot shamelessly planted in a sentimental nostalgia for 1980's cry-yourself-to-sleep pop music and the other firmly remaining shin deep in the New Zealand underground Off-White raises its arms in salute to brainy romantics everywhere.
Some vids:

Edition of 33 lathe cut LPs in hand embossed cover with free download code.
Download version HERE


Expansion Bay is the solo electronic project of Nathan Thompson (Sandoz Lab Technicians/Eye/Gate/Rederizors). 'Core 10' was recorded in 2013 and feature 5 tracks, 2 of which appear on the lathe cut 7". Featuring nuanced layers of synthesiser, heavily effected guitar and good old amp noise Thompson crafts sophisticated spatious compositions that seem to reference birdsong and wind in trees at the same time as vast desolate hallways of some lost dream of a 'space age' future.
The record and CD are packaged in handmade packaging designed and printed at home by Thompson himself.
Limited numbered edition of 50x 7 inch lathe cut records plus full length CD. SOLD OUT
Download version and audio samples HERE


FANZ- 'Heruka'
More raucous high energy electro-kult insanity from Wellingtons FANZ.
'Heruka' dates from the bands very first recording sessions in early 2014 and finds them hitting the street running. Sparks fly and the hallucinatory nature of their snake charming chants fill ones skull with a glorious day-glo cotton wool.
Space age feral punk with an electronic twist.
Samin Son, Noel Meek and Fergus Nelson-Moores on vocals and electronics.
Antony Milton on drums.
Original cover art by Fergus Nelson-Moores.
Here is a short promo video:

Limited edition of 50x 10 inch lathe cut records with download. SOLD OUT.
Download version and audio samples HERE


ANTONY MILTON- 'Streaming Black'
New album of super loud apocalypse tinged pop songs, shoe gazing sun scorched sad bliss that sounds like it was recorded using the same crap gear as Burzum in the early 1990s.
Kind of melancholy yet ecstatic, transcendental and sweet, but all presented with super fucked up guitars and smeared behind a tonne of distortion.
Recorded October 2014- January 2015 with an eye on the end of the World.

Heres the vid for the song 'Streaming Black':

CDR in gatefold colour sleeve.
Download version and audio samples HERE


Paintings of Windows is Antony Milton's site specific ambient project. Until recently releases under this name were primarily based on field recordings with only very subtle manipulations. In recent times the project has involved more use of instruments- typically recorded 'in' the field, but also with more 'obvious' post production.
'Whangaimoana' is a of collection 3 pieces in which Milton has attempted to create a sustained mood whilst explicitly avoiding any change in dynamics. It is essentially drone music, something he has done a lot of over the years but with this record he was coming at the drone from a different angle and with a different intent. The drones here are not a bed for musical improvising, they do not start in one place and finish in another, they are an attempt at stasis, warm saturated snapshots of moments in particular places at particular and never to be repeated times.
Track 1, 'Whangaimoana', was recorded on a stormy day in a shack by the sea when the weather was too wild to go fishing.
Track 2, 'Pines', was recorded in a small house in the middle of a pine plantation on a windy afternoon.
Track 3, 'Aether', was recorded at Milton's home in Wellington staring out the window into the depths of a blue sky.

Video footage was also collected at each location and a film made to accompany each piece.

Here is an eg of one of the pieces:

CDR and DVD presented in full colour gatefold sleeve. SOLD OUT
Download version and audio samples HERE


Previously unreleased recording of an epic drone recording made in Nagoya, Japan during the Birchville Cat Motel and A.M tour of 2006. Kiyoharu Kuwayama (Lethe) had been kind enough to organise us a show and then suggested that we hire a studio the next day to do some recording.
As I recall there was very little pre-amble, we arrived, set up quickly and launched straight into it. Kuwayama has done some minor editing but this record is pretty much the improvisation as it happened. Kuwuyama played bowed guitar and cello, Campbell played electronic bagpipes and ebowed strings, I played violin, live-captured tape loops and SK1. We all had contact mics and a selection of pedals.
Lathe cut is almost the perfect format for this release, the surface noise fits right in with the ghostly otherworldliness of the hiss, crackle and droning hums of the actual recording. Its a beautiful thing and effectively captures where the 3 of us were at with our music in 2006. I'd assumed these recordings long lost and was overjoyed to discover that Kuwayama still had them and to be able to share them with you now.

Artwork by Kiyoharu Kuwayama.

Here is a short promo video:

Limited numbered edition of 60 Lathe Cut 12 inch records with download code insert poster SOLD OUT.

Download version and audio samples HERE


SAMIN SON- 'Orira'.
If you live in Wellington, or indeed any other city in New Zealand that has art galleries or music venues then it is a virtual certainty that you will have met Samin Son. 'Orira' is the first 'official' hard format solo release by Son.
Originally from South Korea Samin has, besides a 23 month period of compulsory military service in Korea, been based in New Zealand since he was a teenager attending high school and then art school. Samin is a true force of nature, channelling all his energies into art that seems intended to raise the dreams and hopes of the rest of us to some kind of heightened fever pitch. Typically joyous his intensity swings both ways and he is not afraid of traversing the dark in his quest toward the light.
And thus we come to 'Orira'. Based on a traditional Korean folk form 'Orira' is an unaccompanied and improvised chant/song that Samin first performed at the Yogiga Expression Gallery in Seoul, South Korea in January of 2013. The recording we have here is a recording of this performance.
'Orira' is both intense and beautiful featuring sections of throat singing, howls, whispers and ecstatic chant. With everything run through a series of delays and echoes the end result is truly otherworldly.
This work recently featured as the soundtrack for Alexa Wilson's work, "Status of Being" through Footnote Dance Company.

Limited numbered edition of 50 Lathe Cut 8 inch insert and download post inclusive. LAST COPY

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Download version and audio samples HERE
And lastly there is a tshirt available HERE.


KEIJO- 'What Is Going In The Country'.
New LP of avant-blues shamanism from Finland's Keijo Virtanen.
Based in Jyvaskyl Keijo has been active in the improvised experimental scene for decades- he is now in his 60s- but was only really discovered by the outside world following the release of a self titled CDR in 2003. Specialising at this time in drone music created with a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments with accompanying throat singing he surprised many people by embracing- in a very idiosyncratic fashion- a primal blues styling in the later part of that decade. (A book of his blues lyrics was recently published).
Singing predominantly in English he has a one of a kind phrasing and timbre to his voice. The songs are immediate and raw, accompanied by layered electric guitars, harmonica and frequently abstract percussion...
'What Is Going In The Country' takes something of a dayglo sidestep back into the psychedelic dronescapes of his earlier work. There are blues songs aplenty but also extended periods where his muse runs off into the forest and the music fractures as light through crystal and becomes very abstract indeed. Here is a sample video:

Limited numbered edition of 80 Lathe Cut LPs with colour insert and download post inclusive. LAST COPIES

Post Inclusive Prices

Download version and audio samples HERE


FANZ- 'Zen Bones'.
Debut razzamataz from Wellington based psychedelic shaman freaks FANZ. 3 vocalists cum pedal-noise manipulators, South Korean performance artist Samin Son, ex-All Seeing Hand vocalist Noel Meek and Mischanceries Fergus Nelson Moores kick up an ecstatic squalling racket whilst percussionist Antony Milton gets all martial on drum kit and synth.
With weird hallucinatory chanting interludes amongst the spacey bleeps and the roar of broken amps the end result is something like a cross between The Skaters and The Futurians.

'Zen Bones' was recorded during a couple of sessions in April and May 2014. Edited, mixed and mastered by Antony Milton. Here is a sample video:

CDR in full colour gatefold sleeve post inclusive.
SOLD OUT Download version HERE


A.M- 'Dragonfly'
We have a limited number of the A.M album 'Dragonfly' available. Released by Irish label Trensmat- heres what they had to say:
From a distance, a dragonfly is a hypnotically beautiful and graceful creature but if one unexpectedly flew right into one's face, no doubt one would emit an unholy and undignified squeal. The listener's reaction to Dragonfly, the 2nd Trensmat long-player from NZ's primo human musical bubble machine Antony Milton, may well take a reverse path. From a distance there is terror and unholy squalling noise but, on closer inspection, there is beauty, grace, and, ok, some unholy squalling noise.
In opener Fake Union Of Uplifted Charlatans at least two whacked-out distorted solos trade licks (ably assisted upwards by distant spacey bleeps) while an elephantine and gloopy treated bassline trundles on, carrying its cosmic cargo with no little bemusement. The upbeat title track is built from the same stuff, though with a nervier, insectoid feel.
The following pair, Glassworld and Helioscope, bring you back to earth with a soft and successively woozy landing onto a fuzzy undergrowth of reverbed chords and throbs. But there is much to fear among the lush micro-greenery, as the predatory beasties of Eightoeight will attest - a hungry blind mass of globular bass larvae and mercilessly cutting high-end analogue pincers.
The incredible 13-minute closer True Believers blows what's left of the cobwebs off, both with an intensified blast of the preceding sonic firepower and a simultaneous warm mellow wave of goodness, given some structure by a scant muffled kick and a recurring snippet of soft descending keys before being eaten alive by a cacophonous industrial coda. The track's title has the suffix "(Live)" - though we do not know when, where, or for whom it was performed - but luckily we can all go back to that place and time via the modern wonder of the phonograph.
Hold on to your elongated abdomens for another thrilling bug-eyed flight of fancy around AM's audio garden!
Here is a compilation video skimming through the tracks:

Limited edition blue vinyl LP post included. SOLD OUT. (Try UK shop websites)
Download version HERE


1/3 Octave Band- 'Ultramarine'
AHOY! Big news: We are super pleased to announce a new release from Bill Woods sublime 1/3 Octave Band project. Its been a while since we've heard from them and I'd assumed that Bill was too distracted by playing in Birdcatcher and the half dozen other outfits hes been spotted in around Wellington. But no- it turns out that Bill, and his occasional collaborator Jules Desmond, have been busy in some secret basement studio burning the midnight oil to produce what is perhaps the bands masterpiece to date.
The only word that I think does justice to Ultramarine is 'stately', although in its more ecstatic heights its gets kind of close to qualifying for 'grandeur' as well.. Really - Ultramarine is the sound of 2 blokes with electric guitars and a shitload of awesome pedals sitting down and constructing the modern equivilent of a Bach symphony or something.
There are field recordings and strangely homely electronic bleeps but its the sublime slow burning layers of guitar that pin you to your chair and leave you feeling somehow heightened. I can't recommend this album highly enough.
Here is a short video for one of the tracks:

Second pressing SOLD OUT

Download version HERE


L$D Fundraiser- 'S/T'
Wolfskull member Dene Barnes has been making a big splash in the Dunedin free noise/guitar drone scene for the last year or so releasing a flurry of cassettes and cdrs and lathecuts on labels such as Heavy Space and Root Don Lonie for Cash.
This self titled 8" EP features three 4track compositions of tapey burble and skronk constructed from the sullen moans of grumpy guitar amps, weird bowed metal, home made electronics, and other -weirder- 'found sounds'.. Its all presented very 'dry' and is reminiscent to these old ears of the transfiguring glory days of 80's/90's tape labels.

8" lathe cut record in fancy full colour covers. SOLD OUT
Download version HERE


CLAYPIPE- 'A Daylight Blessing' (MIE LP)
Released by London based label MIE, heres what they had to say:
MIE are delighted to be releasing 'A Daylight Blessing', the 7th record by Claypipe, the New Zealand noise/drone/pop duo of Antony Milton and Clayton Noone. The record is released in a run of 300 LPs, available on vinyl and digitally. The record has been mastered by James Plotkin and comes in silkscreen sleeve made out of recycled card.

"Clayton and I finally met in person back in 2001 when he came up to play a festival in Wellington and stayed at my house. We had been trading records for a year or so. It was inevitable that we would wind up recording together. I set up my 4 track on the lounge floor that afternoon and we recorded the 'Crescent' LP (PseudoArcana). We live 100s of miles apart and so our get togethers have been rare but when we are together we usually record. 'A Daylight Blessing' will be our 7th release.

We're an improvising project, sometimes noisy, sometimes droney but somehow playing in Claypipe draws a blissed out sunny pop sensibility from both our natures, something neither of us are particularly well known for in our other bands and projects. Its possible this is a direct response to nature itself- the Claypipe methodology frequently involves taking battery powered and acoustic instruments outside- to a grassy hillside, stream edge, or in the case of this record the sandhills by the beach down the road from Claytons place in Dunedin. There's a hippy utopianism present here that I think perhaps catches us both a little off guard. But it works and I know for myself that I'm reluctant to interrogate it too closely for fear of casting too much light on a fragile magic.

'A Daylight Blessing' was recorded over a few days in October 2010 whilst preparing for a gig supporting Richard Youngs. It was mixed and edited over the next few months in Christchurch where it gave welcome and happy distraction from the earthquakes and their aftershocks." - Antony Milton. January 3 2014.
Here is a short promo video :

Heavy vinyl LP in silkscreened recycled card cover. SOLD OUT. Try label.


Birdcatcher is the doom-noise-country drone duo of Bill Wood (1/3 Octave Band) and Antony Milton (A.M/ Mrtyu/ The Nether Dawn). Prey was recorded live to magnetic tape New Years Eve MMXIII/MMXIV and segues from doomy drone to noisy fist fights to strange ambient percussive rituals across its 30 minute duration. Sometimes blistering, sometimes blissful and pretty.
This is a super limited cassette release -17 copies only as that is the number of C30s we were able to secure. (Note that the bulk of the price is the postage on a single tape from NZ... Now $13!) Farewell to a strange dark year and greetings to another.
Download version HERE


PAINTINGS OF WINDOWS- 'Pororari River Mouth'.
Ostensibly an electroacoustic project Antony Milton's Paintings of Windows has always been explicitly about place, manipulating recordings of particular spaces - occasionally with instruments being played in the background but just as frequently using 'pure' field recordings- and manipulating these in order to draw out the remembered subjective emotional essence of those locations.
Whilst this essential modus operandi is retained 'Pororari River Mouth' represents a radical departure in terms of sonics and is far more explicitly musical than previous PoW releases. There has always been a meditative ethereal psychedelic character to PoW pieces but on this record one finds oneself in danger of drooling into their beard.
The location this time is Punakaiki, a small settlement on the wild West Coast of the South Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand, a place where crystalline limestone rivers drop from the mountains through rainforest to a ferocious rocky ocean. Milton spent a week here in April 2013 recording improvised chants and instrumental passages using battery operated synthesiser and sampler, these recordings were typically made at dusk as this seemed the time when the inspiration of the land/sea-scapes were at their most intense. The rush and whisper of ocean waves is perhaps the most dominant of voices here.
The record came with a 30 minute DVD featuring a film Milton made to go along with the music. Check samples here:

Limited edition lathe cut LP(and Peter Kings done a particularly good job on these ones) + DVD + Digital Download.
3rd and final pressing SOLD OUT.
- Download HERE.


THE NETHER DAWN- 'A Warm Dark Glow'.
Recorded back in 2009 'A Warm Dark Glow' is finally available. Caught up in the unfortunate demise of 2 separate record labels Takashi Masubuchi's Yogoh Records has stepped up and released what I (Antony Milton) personally think is perhaps the best ever Nether Dawn record.
A large part of this album was recorded during a session with composer and improvising violinist Chris Prosser in an abandoned underground military bunker in the hills of Wellington. These recordings form the shape of the record and everything else is hung from this improvised framework. I'm not sure if it was due to having Chris on-board but overall the resulting sound is perhaps as close to modern classical music as it is to the typical 'midnight drone blues' of previous Nether Dawn releases. Slow burning movements lull one into a lush reverie before the sparks start to fly and the feedback kicks in.
I made a video to help promote the CD that you can see here:

There is an extensive interview I did in relation to this record HERE.
CD in digipak cover. Post inclusive.SOLD OUT.

Download version and audio samples HERE


DIALING IN- 'The Salt That Awaken Her'.
The latest release from Seattle's Reita Piecuch is a limited edition 8" lathe cut and DVD.
Dialing In specialises in super saturated dark psychedelic drones crafted from field recordings, voice and protesting electronics. Instruments are pushed way out into the lush fiery regions of 'the red', the result not so much 'noise' as fuzzy blissed out near death experience. Piecuch's aesthetic vision skates precariously close to the edge.
We'd long been impressed by the striking cover art Reita has produced for her previous releases (an LP on Music Fellowship and an earlier CD on PseudoArcana (see further down the list) and so were very excited when she started posting videos on her DialingInSounds youtube channel early in 2013. We were even more excited when Reita agreed to let us collate some of these for a DVD to accompany this record.
Her video work melds perfectly with her music, finding beauty at the very edge upon which the world itself decays, where consciousness disintegrates into a flicker of remembered images.
There is something Zen like in her celebration of this darkest of nexus points on the cycle of life and awareness.
Here is a promo video for the release:

And a video from the DVD itself:

8" record + DVD in oversize double folio package. Comes with download of all audio (record and dvd).
Limited to 65 copies only.. SOLD OUT.
Download version and audio samples HERE


THE FUTURIANS- 'Power/Reactor'.
Celebrating a decade of weirdo space punk high jinx New Zealands most exciting band buzz in to drop off a special delivery.
Power/Reactor is named for the awesome new tracks on this lathe cut 45rpm 7". The recording quality is surprisingly hi-fi (for a band thats always revelled in the glories of distortion and bootleg warp) and the songs themselves transcend the garage to set up in some sort of high electro space station.
The record itself is housed in a 16 page full colour book of artworks and collages by the band. Lodged inside the front cover is an additonal hour long DVD compiling music videos and live footage from 2003- 2013. The package comes with a download code for all audio on the record and the DVD.
Here is a promo video for the release:

Lathe Cut 7", DVD, Book and Download. SOLD OUT
Download HERE.


MAGNETIC LIPS-'Breakages in Writing/Nest' 7".
Spooky slo-mo hi-fi electroacoustic dreamings by UK ensemble Magnetic Lips. Group features Justin Wiggan (Dreams of Tall Buildings/Lipton Files), Lisa Lavery, Richard Whitelaw, Dion J Lay and Mike Armine.
Heres what Justin had to say:
"Magnetic Lips have never been in the same room together at the same time . They are Trapped coyotes in different cages communicating by passing notes to rival keepers.
The notes were passed for 4 years , what you hold is the first and second note . Keep it safe ."
More info here:
Here is a short promo vid:

Lathe Cut 7".Limited Edition of 25 copies only. Includes download card. SOLD OUT


OMIT. -'Live Medussa 13 October 2012'
New Zealand underground home-made electronics and ambient music icon Clinton Williams has been crafting sublimely bleak dark soundscapes from the small town of Blenheim in the South Island since the 1980's.
Notoriously hermetic his first live shows didn't happen until the early 000's. He has never performed outside of New Zealand.
In October we were very privileged to have Omit to play in Wellington when he supported Heather Leigh (Murray) as part a concert organised by Altmusic NZ. He arrived- as is his style- with all his gear in an old backpack and broken suitcase. Omit has very kindly allowed PseudoArcana to upload the entire 50min performance to our bandcamp page. He has said he is interested in doing this as an experiment to see if anyone is actually interested in downloading his music and if they are then he will likely start his own bandcamp page so please show your interest! I know there are lots of Omit rarities we ourselves would like to attain this way...
Here is a video from the show:

Download HERE


THE STUMPS. -'Brave New World' DVD.
The Stumps are back! Super heavy ecstatic psychedelic noise rock from Stephen Clover (seht), James Kirk and Antony Milton.
After a 2 year hiatus The Stumps returned to the studio to prepare for a run of shows including the Lines of Flight Festival in September 2012 for which they were asked to provide a film. Discovering that Stephen Clover had an extensive collection of Russian and Polish science fiction films Antony Milton decided to piece together something by re-videoing these- and old 1980s arcade games- and this is the result. 40mins of new music - amongst the best they've ever recorded alongside an exploding pulsating drifting shimmering colour flashing drone of a film.
Here is a short promo :

DVD with soundtrack download. SOLD OUT Audio only download available HERE

A.M- 'Rag Red Reverie'.
The precursor to the new A.M LP 'Black Night Burning' on Trensmat (some of which is actually constructed from outakes from this CD).
Full on over-the-top psychedelic noise guitar assault from Antony Miltons A.M project. With beats!
Eschewing the last vestiges of embarrassment at several years 'lost' to rave culture in the 1990s A.M channels the furious ecstasies of phasing tones and pounding beats through electric guitar lined red hot into an ancient tape recorder to produce a riff driven avant-party album... With its endless driving riffs and noise incursions ascending to ever higher levels of intensity the sudden free falls into sudden deep ambient bliss are like the first glimpses of dawn on a mountain top on acid..
All single take recordings. No overdubs.
CD NZ$18 post inclusive.

Sound samples and download version HERE


Pretty much as it says. Recorded by Antony Milton in 2009 Side A is from a 36 hour non-stop street fiesta in the village of Sorata in the High Andes, Side B was recorded at an overnight bacchal in a bamboo hut at the village of San Miguel del Bala in the Amazon basin. Aside from the use of pipes and drums the contrast in musical styles is as extreme as the difference in terrain and climate. The level of intoxication was comparable... Hyperventilating amateur musicians battle it out against each other and the vagaries of malfunctioning public address systems. Everybody dances.
Here is a short promo video:

Limited edition 50 lathe cut copies with liner notes and a download card with extra tracks.
Download HERE


This double C60 is the latest straight to tape single session outing for Birdcatcher, the lapsteel and banjo duo of Antony Milton and Bill Wood. On this release Birdcatcher take a dive into the underworld virtually eschewing the olde country resonances of their instruments to craft long pieces more akin to oppressive dark ambient kult musik than Appalachian freckles.
The mood heightens some over the course of the 4 sides to encompass even a melancholy melodic beauty at times but overall the mood remains dark and the sounds woozy.
Here is a perhaps not entirely representative video from a recent Birdcatcher live set...

Double cassette SOLD OUT
Download version available HERE


KEIJO- Paint All Blue.
In recent times 60 year old Finnish outsider artist Keijo has moved away from the droning electronics and throat singing that first entranced the freak music scene and let his love of the blues come to the fore. To the untrained ear the resulting records will still no doubt sound very psychedelic and avant garde, guitar and vocals are right up front but the structures and backing instrumentation remains highly abstract.
It is Keijos voice that most captivates on these recent recordings, singing predominantly in a broken and improvised form of English he tells stories of light and dark with an honesty that hooks one through the heart. His vocal delivery is highly idiosyncratic, nobody sounds quite like him.
The easiest comparisons to Keijo for the uninitiated would be to point to Daniel Johnston and Jandek, but Keijo is as different from them as they are from each other. He is one of a kind.
Paint All Blue is an embaressment of riches, 95 minutes of music over spread over 3 different formats. This limited release of 50 copies features a 10 inch lathecut record packaged with a separate 50min CDR and a download card for a digital version of the 10" with an additional 22 mins of material.
Download all tracks HERE


w1Sht- 'Play'.
Debut long-player from Wellington based media brat w1Sht. The first ever 'electronic dance music' album on Pseudoarcana 'Play' is a selection of woozy remixes of 80s pop hits and bright and snappy original electronica. Why PseudoArcana? Well, because he has remixed an A.M as well as a Mrtyu track and I think the record is psychedelic and noisy and WEIRD enough to fit in well here. Its fun and has us jiggling in our chairs and tapping our toes. That can't be a bad thing right?
But perhaps the best way to get a handle on w1Sht is to check out his youtube channel, or to 'try before you buy' on his bandcamp page.
Sold Out
Bandcamp download $3.50.HERE


CLAY MAN IN THE WELL. -'Kupes Sail'.
An earlier Clay Man in the Well album put out on Peasent Magik that finally arrived after being lost by the US postal service for several months. Kupes Sail was recorded at Cape Pallisar on the Wairarapa Coast at the bottom of the North Island during 2 seperate holidays in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Theres quite a few songs on this one, but needless to say drones and general psychedelic excess are also features..
Label blurb:
"Latest edition to Antony Milton's immense discography. This was apparently recorded in two weekends on the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It sounds more like Antony found some tapes buried somewhere in the rainforest of South America during a bicycle trip, licked some frogs, and jammed overtop of the primitive field recordings of Native Rituals contained within."
C60 Cassette. post inclusive.

Shipping options


Purple Pilgrims.- s/t 8"
Super-fuzzy psychedelic outsider dream pop from the ex-Christchurch now Hong Kong based sister duo of Clementine and Valentine Nixon.
I first experienced Purple Pilgrims live in a small Lyttelton club, sweet keening ethereal folk songs that made me want to cry run through a line of op-shop guitar effects and into a single tiny guitar amp that put up a brave warbling fight and never gave up its ghost. I was struck by their complete lack of artiface and served a welcome reminder that the simplest and most heartfelt of musics can move one to the depth of ones soul. It was a goose bump performance.
The same wide eyed simple magic is at work on these recordings, songs of light swirl tantilisingly from beneath an echoing vale of hiss and feedback and rumble as the small amp again retains its ghost.
Purple Pilgrims also work in the visual arts producing zines that are to drawing and collage what their tape recorder day dreams are to sound. (See their blog for examples)
The final recordings for this release were masterered by Brian Crook of The Renderers. Purple Pilgrims have produced this video to celebrate their debut release.

Limited edition of 50 x 8" lathe cut records with cut out sleeves and hand sewn 12 page zine.
SOLD OUT! Bandcamp download $3.50.HERE


The Real Life Tragedies- 'Southern Loop'.
PseudoArcana first cassette release in 8 years - a deluxe double box set- is the debut from The Real Life Tragedies. Based around the core grouping of Antony Milton and Mark Williams (of Bad Statistics and Marineville etc) The Real Life Tragedies have a floating membership of various Wellington based music icons. These include Greg Cairns (King Loser, Sferic Experiment, The Renderers,The Verlaines etc), Jeremy Coubrough (Mandrake, Signer, Orchestra of Spheres) and Simon O'Rorke (Glory Fckn Sun). The music ranges from droning psyche to cosmic blues to motorik krautrock grooves. In fact the whole concept for the band and its output is largely based on a nostalgia for 80s mixtapes from various members collections. Overall the feel is relatively upbeat, almost 'pop' in fact, but with enough persistent psychedelic weirdness to draw in those who have perhaps withdrawn from the world to the depths of the mossy cave of the deep underground..
The 2 tapes in the box are ostensibly separate albums.. Tape One, entitled 'Passages', is essentially a drone record inspired by the very warehouse in which the recording sessions took place. Some years ago Greg Cairns, in a fit of perhaps over-excited folly, bid on and won an online auction for approx 100 electronic organs. Unable to find happy homes for all of these the remainder are now stored in this warehouse. The 2 sides of 'Passages' document improvisations (guitar/percussion/keyboards..) that interact with the sound of the taped-down key drones of as many of these organs as could be turned on without blowing the buildings power.
Tape Two, 'Winter Lamp', is much more varied. Side A starts off with an ecstatic rocking single chord freakout and finishes with a shimmering beautiful ensemble piece that reaches for the stars. Side B starts off traversing similar if slightly more psychedelic terrain before veering into a solid chunking no-wave funk piece before the set is closed with a hugely overdriven track that starts out sounding like Flies Inside the Sun but undergoes an explosive metamorphosing to become some sort of extreme-noise antipodean Endless Boogie..
We wish we were releasing this as a triple vinyl LP but PseudoArcana is in New Zealand and such things are simply too expensive to do from here.. And so instead we pulled out the stops to produce the very best cassette packaging that we could devise...
2 x C60 cassette packaged in special padded art-box with full colour art throughout.
Special Edition SOLD OUT. Download for $5 HERE


ANTONY MILTON. -'Wreckers and Haters'.
Another lost record, much hyped at the time, but then shelved. This one from 2007/2008. Despite the title its actually a fairly buoyant sounding and at times blissed out POP record. Its that 'pop' aspect of it that had me somewhat confused about how exactly to go about releasing it and so its just wound up sitting on the shelf. I mean its all songs with hooks and choruses etc.. Some of it was kind of influenced by the saturated pop of Jesu and similar acts but really its an amalgam of my own songwriting with ALL of my pop influences and I spent months trying to make it sound as good as possible.
One thing that has made me feel vaguely uncomfortable about releasing it is the overt and nakedly angst ridden nature of the lyrics. I had set out to write an entire album about the state of eco-politics at the time (somewhere around the time of the inevitable backlash against what had looked like a possible green revolution (after Gores film etc)) and that’s what you get.. Haha. But don't let that put you off. I stand by the lyrics- for the most part- but I'm posting this here for the music more than to preach..
So shimmering guitars and big goofy bass lines and pop beats and hooks. Whats not to like?
Sound samples and bandcamp download version HERE


SUPERBUGGER- 'small disk'.
Debut release for this Stumps offshoot of Antony Milton (guitar) and James Kirk (drums). Extremely distorted psyche rock that sounds like members of the Dead C getting into a back alley fist fight with Mainliner outside some dodgy fishermans bar in Greenland.
World weary vocals are buried somewhere in the mix below pummelling bass heavy riffage that sounds like its being sucked down into some black hole as the room mics implode.
Short sharp tracks with about the same fidelity as one would expect from a circa 1980s cellphone.
Download version HERE


Antony Milton. -San Miguel del Bala. DOWNLOAD
In September and October of 2009 Antony Milton spent 3 weeks working as a volunteer for the San Miguel del Bala community in the Bolivian jungle. His project for this time was to record a work representing the sound environment of this location, the sounds of the jungle and of the local village and its musicians.
This adventure involved a 3 day journey in dugout canoe up into the deep jungle of the Madidi National Park in order to record Howler Monkeys and other more exotic animals.
The final album is a filmic 35 minute suite of sounds and music.
Download HERE

MRTYU- Ornate Shroud LP. (Tipped Bowler/Faunnasabbatha).
I finally have some copies of this available for sale. Its not PseudoArcana but I thought I would put it at the top of this list anyway because its the most recent PseudoArcana related thing I have available. Recorded away back in 2006 it finds itself etched into 160 gram black vinyl and released in both France and the USA simultaneously.
Ornate Shroud finds Mrtyu taking an overtly black metal turn whilst trying to retain the sonic heaviness of old. There are more songs, and more melodies on this than previous Mrtyu albums. Personally I also think it contains some of the most supremely violent and dark sections yet released (though reviewers seem to insist on talking about its lurking beauty..- oh well...).
Some people describe it as a dark free folk album, others as an extreme noise record. Make up your own mind. To me its a Mrtyu record!
LIMITED TO 350 COPIES. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Housed in hand screened linen paper sleeves.
Post inclusive pricing

Birdcatcher. -'The Sky Tied Down'.
Originally released back in 2008 there has been enough email traffic requesting copies that I have decided to do a new edition of this release.
'The Sky Tied Down' finds the duo of Bill Wood (1/3 Octave Band) and Antony Milton (Nether Dawn etc) settled down for a long session of epic dark and heavy drone-manship. Utilising heavily processed lapsteel guitars and banjo Birdcatcher embark on a glacially paced expedition to the slow beating heart of the dark eyed uber-drone.
The textural complexity of these drones retain the evidence of their instrumental sources but are transformed into something that is perhaps closer to dark electronic ambient music than might be expected from these instruments; the timbre of the banjo and guitar more reminiscent of doom metal than any sort of free folk.
Recorded in a single session direct to magnetic tape the overall sound is grainy, dense and loud. 90 minutes spent in the company of Birdcatcher is virtually guaranteed to invoke monochrome visions and weird ecstacies...
Packaged in a 16pg art-book of images that seek to dispel any anthropomorphic tendency in ornithology. Birds are by definition inhumane; alien.
2xCDR packaged in 16pg book. Second edition sold out.

Bandcamp download HERE

GLORY FCKN SUN. -'Vision Scorched'.
Reissue in new packaging!
Formed in 2003 as a conduit for intense ritualistic sonic exploration Glory Fckn Sun is the ecstatic psyche-noise trio of Antony Milton (guitar/electronics), Ben Spiers (guitar/violin/electronic) and improv percussionist Simon O'Rorke (gongs/percussion).
'Vision Scorched' collects together one studio track and two live pieces. These range through long form rumbling distorted deep space explorations (complete with supernova and the odd blackhole), intense yet ethereal harsh noise to close with a droning metaphysical raga-esque paean to the great cosmic inevitable of the collapse of the sun, And of light itself.
Glory Fckn Sun have been described as having a sound that is like a cross between Flies Inside the Sun and Keiji Haino.
The 1st edition of this release sold out in a matter of weeks and gained rave reviews. This 2nd edition is also limited. There are 250 copies.
CD NZ$18 post inclusive.

THE BAD STATISTICS.- 'Lucky Town Gone'.
On the follow up to last years debut "Static" LP ((Kr-aa-k)3) The Bad Statistics have set about laying waste to the New Zealand suburban dream with this album, a much darker and heavier affair than their debut. Led by a bald suit clad psychopath named Thebis Mutante (rumoured to be the alter-ego of NZ improv/fire music impressario Jeff Henderson) who chants and howls and grunts throughout their doom laden droning rock mantra the closest comparison I have been able to come up with is some sort of hybrid of The Birthday Party, Circle, and The Reynols.
If the debut LP were to be regarded as the Mission Statement of Bad Statistics Great Annual Report in the Sky, "Lucky Town Gone" is not the Business Highlights chapter to be expected next, but a sideways lurch straight to Appendix 17: Corrupted Data.
Recorded onto degraded old cassette tape, "Lucky Town Gone" is a collection of mean-spirited practice room jams that sees the core four-piece of BAD STATISTICS further embracing the stoner doom drone rock that already defined large parts of "Static".
The seven tracks of "Lucky Town Gone" are again spearheaded by the abrasive, sense-eluding vocal emissions of Thebis Mutante. Critical response to Mutantes contributions on "Static" was deeply divided, and the new album is expected to further polarise opinions. Mutante is backed by Mark Williams (Marineville, Idle Suite, Cookie Brooklyn) on guitar, Justin Barr (Raskolnikovs, Users, Wrongdoings, Delaney Ghost Orchestra) on bass, and Johannes Contag (Jay Clarkson, Cloudboy, Sleepytime) on drums and production.
CD NZ$18 post inclusive.

Paper Wings.- 'Ash Field' CD. (PseudoArcana/Black Petal)
Paper Wings is the electric guitar duo of Australian Anthony Guerra and New Zealander Antony Milton.
Recorded in a small room on a winters day in Sydney in 2005 Paper Wings full-length debut drifts through beautiful bowed drones, tender melodic excursions and harsher sonic adventures. Four pieces that find these two guitarists at the top of their game.
(Paper Wings previously appeared on the Last Visible Dog compilation 'Crows of the World (Volume 1)' with the track "Horse Lattitudes'.Reviews said:
".. The real reason to pick this [compilation] up, though, is to hear Paper Wings' "Horse Lattitudes", an extended twin guitar dirge layered with whispered and wailing vocals. Beginning slowly and chaotically, it unfolds into a colossal mesh of The Velvet Underground at their most primal and Earth at 16rpm. Just when it threatens to peak, the duo fall back into another bout of feedback induced guitar meltdown, wringing every amplified note out of their instruments until the bones of the piece have been picked clean"
Edwin Pouncey, The Wire
"A masterclass in free improv that is even better at ear-splitting volume"
Simon Lewis, Terrascope.
CD in hand painted Japanese artpaper sleeve. CD NZ$16 post inclusive.

Seht.- 'Dead Bees ((the((quiet)earth))suite)'.
Campbell Kneale once explained that to describe Wellingtons Seht as drone music is much the same as describing Antarctica as white. Where as many of us utilise the drone as an ingredient, a point of departure, Stephen Clover's Seht project distils drones to craft something very like a fine liquor.
'One Moment', the 35 minute first track on 'Dead Bees' is Clovers somnambulant ambient drone masterpiece. A famous insomniacs grand fantasy of sleep. Setting sail with the gentle sound of submerged bells one sinks deeper as lush rich tones gradually merge into a swell of dreamscape waves. Deeper still and one finds oneself glowing in a deep warm golden molasses that shimmers and sways until time somehow folds in upon itself and loses all meaning as ones consciousness shifts into angel gear for the lonnnng coast out.
But Clover is also agent provocateur- a wry and acerbic wit. To say that there are surprises to follow is an understatement!
CD NZ$18 post inclusive.

SUNKEN.- 'Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve'.
Deep in the swirling depths of the ocean a terrible yet wondrous beast stirs slow but sure amidst great forests of sea algae. Taking on the form of a pair of conjoined drown-ed sailors it sets forth upon the currents determined to loose its apocalyptic vision upon the earth via droning sea shanty and great humming hymn.
Sunken is the duo of sunken sailors Stefan Neville (Pumice) and Antony Milton (Nether Dawn/A.M etc). Using a range of organs, sonar gear, live tapeloops, vocals and an unhealthy amount of submarine reverb they create a glorious droning pop noise. 'Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve' follows on from their acclaimed self titled debut (also on PseudoArcana) and various compilation appearances.
You can read reviews and hear a sample from the album here .
CD NZ$18 post inclusive.

DIALING IN -'Cows In Lye'.
Dialing In is the ecstatic roaring psychedelic drone project of Seattle based sound artist Reita Piecuch. Utilising the natural acoustics of a series of reverberant spaces she weaves together super saturated soundscapes by recording in one environment, playing back in another, and then re-recording this recording playing back in yet another environment (etc..).
On 'Cows in Lye' the original sound sources range from loops of field recordings from a trip to India, piano, and the shifting drones of a "Shruti Box" (electronic Tamboura). One track also features a long stream of consciousness vocal performance from avant-crooner 'Herb Diamante'..!
After a trek with recording gear through the caves, cathedrals and bunkers of Seattle these ingredients are transformed into huge and sublimely distorted quasi-melodic dreamscapes. The album lifts off with an ecstatic roar and the intensity doesn't let up until one is released exultant in the green flash of a setting sun...
CD NZ$18 post inclusive.

Brisbane avant-blues practitioners The Lost Domain have been stalwarts of the Australian underground for nearly 20 years. Formed around the core duo of guitarist David MacKinnon and organist/vocalist Simon Ellaby they have released a consistently inspiring but all too rare trickle of cdr's and have only recently begun to get the attention that they deserve (via the "Sailor Home From the Sea" CD (Broken Face/Digitalis 2004 (who incidentally promise a follow up "White Man at the Door" later this year)), and some choice compilation slots and magazine interviews).
One of the most intense and engaging live bands I have ever seen their sound is something like a gritty cross between the spacious psychedelic ambient improv noise of New Zealand's Sandoz Lab Technicians, and the weirder swampier blues-stomp of Captain Beefheart.
'Palace' presents a remarkably restrained series of subtle movements and moods that were recorded over a few weekends in the ballroom of 'The Pink Palace', an old and virtually abandoned hall in Brisbane. This is The Lost Domain in full band mode with a line up that includes Leighton Craig, Eugene Carchesio and Rick Neville. Organs and plaintive feedbacking guitars call to each other through the reverberant emptiness. There are dream like peaks and lulls as the dynamic slowly intensifies into a deep deep blues howl before the whole band once more drifts away into the ether. CD NZ$18 post inclusive.

ANTONY MILTON. -'The End of This Short Road'.
Released on the Deserted Village label in Ireland I thought that I would list this here as well. I send these without the jewelcase to save you postage.
"This is release number 27 on Deserted Village and it's another CD this time. Many of you will know Antony Milton as the New Zealander behind the mighty PseudoArcana label. This album was recorded 6 years ago on 4-track and differs from Miltons many other solo projects. It's a collection of short songs with insistent violin orbiting stark acoustic guitars. There's more to it than that but we won't spoil the surprise. Antony himself tells us that the music he releases under his own name is the most direct and unadorned". Read liner notes here.
I have now sold out of CDs for this release but can burn CDRs to go with the original covers I have remaining.

CDR with pro-printed CD covers .NZ$15 post inclusive (without jewel case).

The Nether Dawn. -'Outer Dark'. (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon CD)
Thought this was sold out but I just found another small box. Moody midnight psychy drone blues. The follow up album to 'Whisky Mute Down' this album has been released by Celebrate Psi Phenomenon who have this to say:
"Filthy, ragged, drone-damage from Antony Milton, the mastermind behind the insanely credible Pseudoarcana label, and recently crowned third member of Black Boned Angel. Crackle and smoldering fuzz turn over and over on itself at ever more terrifying pace until everything within its gravitational grasp begins to smell of burning plastic. Frightening, shamanic, and dare-I-suggest BLUESY (think Fushitsusha not Gary Moore!) yet set within a down-on-the-farm, Antipodean, post-Xpressway context. The future of drone. The future of rock. The future of goddamn everything!" CD. NZ$16 post inclusive.

PETER WRIGHT. 'Yellow Horizon'.
New Zealand guitarist and sound-artist Peter Wrights back catalogue stretches to something like 30 releases over the last dozen years. 'Yellow Horizons' is the most recent of these and follows on from 2004's 'Distant Bombs' (Last Visible Dog), and 'Desolation Beauty Violence' (Digitalis). This CD finds him relocated to dirty old London town from where he has written a series of love-drones to the wild South Island of his homeland.
Wrights guitar craft opens vistas that are as contemplative as they are emotionally engaging. Periods of preperatory silence awaken into long slow shifting drones; layered 'folk' patterns build to an almost psychotropic intensity before being subsumed once more within the drone... These scenes are as varied as the South Island itself. There are glaciers as well as sunburnt plains.
LAST COPIES CD. NZ$18 post inclucive.

Swagger Jack- 'The Feral Blood of Swagger Jack -A Compendium.'. (Last Visible Dog CD)
Veering between abstract 'folk-noise', hillbilly thrash and some of the most finely crafted and poignant pop songs of his career,'Feral Blood' brings together the best tracks from Swagger Jacks various solo cdrs on Wire Bridge.
Join him as he wends his lonely way around the backroads and 'rest-areas' (picnic spots where one can usually camp a few days for free) of New Zealand. He's old enough, and wise enough, to know better (its the 21st century after all) but he just doesn't seem to be able to give up his great romantic dream of freedom from the trial of modernity, nor lose his passion for recording his rattley folksongs onto an old car battery powered 4-track. Sometimes ecstatic, sometimes meditative, but always, well, 'textured' and original. All acoustic rattle-'n-roll; happy, sad, poignant; and downright nasty if you rub him up the right way.
(Swagger Jack is an alter-ego of Antony Milton).
CD NZ$15 post inclusive. (No jewel case)

Antony Milton.- 'Sirens'. (Last Visible Dog CD)
I have copies of this compilation of 2 earlier cassette releases (from 1997/98) available. Chris Moon says:
An essential CD for those into the outsider NZ 'pop' scene--you know, the one that includes the likes of This Kind of Punishment, Pin Group, Victor Dimisich Band/Terminals, Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive fact, if you know the Xpressway sound (that label Bruce Russell ran back in the day) you should know what to expect here. That SHOULD translate for most of you as: Really fucking great. Buy now. Add to cart. Etc. But not everyone thinks like I do. Milton's music comes just half a decade too late to be part of the classic Xpressway sound, but it is totally there. In my world this is what pop music would sound like!
CD NZ$15 post inclusive. (no jewel case).