Coming Soon!

There are a bunch of lathe cuts coming up- courtesy of
These include:
KEIJO-'What Is Going In The Country'. New 12" of VERY abstract songs from Finlands high shaman of the blues.

FANZ- as yet untitled 10" of noisy psychedelic awesomeness.

FOX MAIDENS- 12" EP of swoony electronica from Wellington's Richard Keys.

ANTONY MILTON -'Antarctic Reels and Dirges'. Yip, its taken forever but will happen one day.A 10" lathe cut of solo violin and voice works inspired by the early history of exploration in Antartica. Packaged in a coffee table sized book of ink drawings.

Heather Leigh- 8inch of new material.

A.M- 'Collectivo' CD and book of travel essays. (Possibly to be released on Quakebasket now..)

And some vinyl records too...::::::

Omit double LP/book

Purple Pilgrims LP plus zine

And don't forget new titles are always being added to the PseudoArcana Bandcamp page.

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