Clay Man in the Well. -'Boronia Basement Tapes'. 7
Antony Milton returned home from his year in Sth America to discover in his held mail a box containing 14 lathecut 7"s with no labels or information. Despite being mystified by this it was several months before he bought a new turntable and was able to discover what these contained.
On listening he suddenly remembered that some years previously he had sent some tracks to Nicolas from the Absurd label in Greece so as to make a limited edition 7" that was to be given away to guests at Nicolas's wedding. The contents of the mystery box were the personal copies that had been promised at that time but utterly forgotten about by Antony.
The music was recorded in Leighton Craigs basement in Brisbane, Australia during a 2006 tour. It sounds (especially on lathe..) like broken lo-fi Flying Nun popsongs and blues dubbed onto a micro-cassette by a psilocybic gnome. Or much like other Clay Man in the Well titles.. (See previous releases such as 'House of Dust and Wood and Light' (Digitalis) and 'Steps Towards Dusk' (Seedy R!).
Due to it being such a small edition that would be available Antony decided- 'Fuck it- I'll pull out the stops this time!' and decided to do an original one-off cover for each of the 14 copies. The unifying feature of these is that they all have transperent hand coloured patterns painted on the records themselves with windows cut in the covers so that they appear something like stain glass..
The package includes a cdr containing all the tracks from the session (because, well... it IS a lathe...) packaged in an artcard facsimile of the other records.
Limited edition art 7" series US$35 each post inclusive.
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