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A-Lure is a small table top hobby business that has grown out of my passion for making blade spinners and other fishing lures.
I make an effort to avoid plastics and lead in sourcing the components for the lures. Our waterways need no more of these added to them.
Tungsten, brass and glass beads provide the required casting weight.
All lures are handpainted and then seal coated to maximise durability and longevity.
I source the best quality components that I can having quickly learnt that cheap parts simply do not perform.

All flies/flashers/streamers are handtied. (This is the part of the process that takes the longest..)

Single hook versions available upon request.

Below is a selection of the lures we currently have for sale.
Shipping is generally $5 for most packages for up to 20 or so lures within New Zealand. If ordering from overseas please email and we can sort that for you.

We have recently started listing a few salt water lures and jigs as well.
Any queries please email me at:
Many thanks for visiting!


SAMPLE PACK. 3 blade spinners for a bargain price. Package includes 1 of each of our most popular lures giving you the flexibility to approach most water types and fishing scenarios. Single hook or treble hook option though we recommend singles.
1 x Brown Slow Cruiser for times and conditions where a subtle approach is required. These work brilliantly in clear, slow and shallow conditions.
1 x Rainbow Connector. A larger heavier size 3 lure that catches both rainbows and browns in bigger water with swifter flows.
1 x size 1 Green Meanie. I find these work particularly well cast downstream and retrieved up swift runs for rainbows and alongside banks or under willows for browns. Sometimes you just need to go small to get your hook up.
More details regards each lure below.
All 3 lures for NZ$22.

Hook options


BROWN SLOW CRUISER lures are our trademark lure.
Based around a genuine gold plated colorado style blade that never tarnishes and which will spin at very slow speeds these lures combine the stealthy trickery of fly fishing with the easy casting of spin fishing.
In deep water let the fly do the work by casting into a deep pool, letting it sink before retrieving in sharp pulses.
Where the Slow Cruiser blade spinner really comes into its own is on slow shallow runs.
Simply cast and retrieve as slowly as you dare.
I personally have found that these spinners will catch trout in conditions when they would typically ignore other spinners.

Approx 5g.
Size 3 blade. Single or treble hook.

Style/hook options:


The KIHIKIHI SLOW CRUISER is our attempt at a cicada mimicking blade spinner but really it will imitate a range of green insects.
Quite small and very light- 4g approx- it can be retrieved at super slow speeds and in shallow water. It will also ride high in deeper water mimicking the behaviour of a water logged bug.
Size 2 black and green colorado blade and single hook only.


The CANNIBAL PERCH SLOW CRUISER is our perch specific blade spinner. After much experimentation we were a little disconcerted to discover that the most effective colour pattern for perch was an exaggerated perch pattern with lots of reds with dark green stripes.
We have found the best hook set up on these is a small size treble as it ensures hook ups whilst also avoiding the weed that a larger treble would catch, and perch love weedy water. Also available in a single hook version for catch and release if you're not keen on eating whats got to be one of the best table fish around.
This is a relatively small light lure that can be retrieved very slowly enabling you to swim just above the bottom where the perch hang out.
Size 2 bright red and green colorado blade, available in treble or single hook.

Style/hook options:


Based on a commission I received from someone who goes by the nickname 'BB' for some Slow Cruisers featuring a Royal Coachman fly.
Black Magic single hooks for these ones. Please get in touch if you would prefer a treble.



A lighter weight Slow Cruiser based around a size #2 colorado blade. Runs even shallower so is ideal for tricky shallow water.
Single or treble hooks.


Style/hook options:


The GREEN MEANIE lures have proved very effective on rainbow trout.
A simple green and black French bladed spinner that is weighted with tungsten, glass and brass to cast a mile and run moderately deep.
Cast upstream and retrieve with the current for maximum depth.
The addition of a green feather fly to the hook encourages nibbles from even paranoid trout.
Available in sizes #1, #2 and #3 blade. Single or treble hook.

Size/hook options:


The RAINBOW CONNECTOR are a big thumper of a lure designed specifically with angry rainbow trout in mind. They are bright and flashy and the size #3 blade sets up some serious vibrations in the water.
Ironically however in the rivers I fish I find its been big brown trout that have been taking them but then these rivers aren't in fact populated by rainbows so its not that strange a thing I guess. Roll on this years trip to Taupo!
Features bright colours in both the blade and the fly and tungsten beads on top of the big brass main body mean it casts like a bullet and runs super deep in big water.
Size #3 only (at this stage). Single or treble hook.


Hook options:


SEARUNNER SPINS are designed to mimic whitebait and thus entice takes from trout, salmon, kahawai and other species feasting on this seasonal boon.
With an articulated fly- essentially 2 flies in a row with a hook on the tail one- this lure can be fished either fast or slow moving fantastically at speed but also super appealing to fish pulsed on a slow retrieve or even on the drop.
Searunners are small but heavy for their size featuring 4 tungsten beads enabling lengthy accurate casts. They feature a small size 2 inline sonic blade that spins very quickly at an angle close to the body of the lure. Sonic blades wobble more and create a lot of vibration for their size.
Single size 8 hooks only on these ones.


The SIMPLE DRESSED HEX are also intended to mimic whitebait during the run.
Nothing fancy about these ones at all, a 7g solid hex body that will cast a mile with a size 8 hook dressed with white and red feathers and a tail of holographic bling. .


The RED EYE features a black wooly bugger fly with a long red tail teamed with a red and black french blade spinner.
We opted to double the tungsten beads on this one so that it will cast fast and accurate as a bullet and sink quickly to run at a good depth.
Designed in response to requests for a black and red spinner and having tested it a few times I can see why.
Currently available in size#2 blade. Single or treble hook.

Size/hook options:


The 'DEEP YELLOW' is our most basic lure. It was the first pattern I made when I first started making lures and before they got all 'fancy' with flies and stuff.
Yellow and black had always been my favourite spinner colour, I've caught 100s of trout using similar lures.
Particularly awesome lures in slightly flooded discoloured rivers, let them swing round with the current and retrieve them as slowly as you can under the bank. -Never fails that trick in dirty rivers. Or just cast and retrieve with the current in a clean river too. The style of spinner I fell in love with and that started this whole crazy thing.
Size #1, #2 and #3 available. Single or treble hook.

Size/Hook options:


Have a colour combination of blade spinner that you just can't find? The 'ROGUE ELEMENT' is that lure. Basically what I'll do is paint and coat a french blade for you in your chosen colours/pattern and tie a fly to match. Just contact me when sending your order to tell me what you are after.
Personally I find blacks with greens, yellows and browns work well where I am but if you prefer lavendar and rose thats entirely up to you.
As these are made especially for you it would be great if you ordered more than one..
Better photo of eg's coming when I get my camera fixed...
Size #1, #2 and #3 available. Single or treble hook.

Size/hook options:


SNACK OF KINGS. The first of our salt water lures. Basically this is a simple imported metal casting jig but with a radical upgrade in the hooks and rings. Believe it or not this has been my most successful lure when targetting kingfish around Wellington, outperforming stickbaits and other large lures. I suspect the ease of snapping up a small injured looking baitfish was appealing to them when they couldn't be arsed chasing a bigger livlier looking bait.
Of all the similar 40g weight lures I have experimented with this one has the best action, especially when used with a slow jigging retrieve - letting the lure sink, lifting it with a few winds, then letting it flutter down again.
After losing a couple of good fish on trebles I changed over to singles and all my hook ups have been solid since then. The hook- a super strong 3/0 black magic jig hook- may look over large but it doesn't seem to deter bites at all and I have caught plenty of kahawai and a few trevally as well as many kingfish on the same lure set up.
The rings are high quality heavy duty 100lb rated split rings. There are 2 on the tail to align the hook correctly. If you require one for the nose there is an option for this- personally I attatch via a heavy duty snap swivel.
So again, these will work fine as a simple cast and retrieve kahawai lure but really come into their own when jigged with a little finesse in kingy water.
Please note that the blue colour does chip off very easily. Personally I found that this did not effect my success rate at all as there is a more solid flashy silver coating underneath and I even hooked up on lures that were reduced to not much more than metal and primer.
Priced to reflect the cheaply coated nature of what remains a superbly effective jig/lure and one of my personal 'secret weapons'.
Can put on an Owner treble if you want one instead of the single hook.

Hook and ring options

I'm also happy to make other styles of blade spinner at similar prices if you have something you are particularly looking for.
Just email me at: